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Products and Services

Highly informative imagery products ready for immediate use – without a learning curve.

State of the art remote sensing products to help you improve your ROI

Crop Health Assessment

(NDVI or other indexes by request)

Precise assesment, row by row, plant by plant

Detect stress caused by pests, irrigation issues, nutrition deficiencies

Identify and monitor movement of zonal boundaries

Zone Maps

Maps specifically designed to show trends help you find the signal in the noise

Identify trends before examining spot issues

Helps you implement variable rate cultivation and selective harvest

Multiple Contrasts and Ground Detail

Utilizing multiple contrasts help your eyes detect different details

Viewing images that show high definition ground detail along with your crop status enables more precise field work

Premium Products

Elevation Maps

Helps explain performance when compared to health maps and other imagery products

Can be used to predict how your field will react to changing variables

Serves as the basis for more advanced analysis such as solar/shade analysis, soil erosion evaluation and hydrology charts.

Hydrology Charts

Predict where water will pool on your field

Determine water flow direction and velocity across your fields

Can be used to optimize irrigation design
& to help diagnose crop stress

Interested in custom indeces or additional products?

Specialized Projects

In conjunction with our engineering partners, UAV-IQ can work with you to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to evaluate a new location, design an irrigation system, certify compliance with local regulations or accomplish something never done before, we’re ready to help.

Some examples:

– Irrigation design
– Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
– Critical Issues Analysis (CIA)
– Soil Mapping
– Agricultural Erosion Control Plan

– Survey grade Topographic Mapping
– Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis
– Land Potential Assessment
– Ground sensor integration

Advanced Research Capabilities

  • UAV-IQ also offers expertise to clients and partners who are conducting agricultural research.
  • By leveraging its experience in database strategy, the company can support small to medium sized research projects on its existing infrastructure and it can design, implement and support infrastructure dedicated to large-scale projects.
  • Fully licensed by the FAA, the company offers the ability to conduct research flights 12 months a year through its operations in both hemispheres and can incorporate additional sensor types and data sets, both historic and newly acquired.

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