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Are you a commercial drone operator or a farmer flying your own drone?
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Vous êtes pilote de drones ou un producteur utilisant son propre drone?

The company’s cofounders form a well-balanced team with strength in critical areas: Andreas Neuman, the CEO, was Assistant Director of Operations for the US Air Force’s first squadron operating the Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), which carries the most sophisticated remote sensing equipment in operation. He has successfully led multidisciplinary teams in both his civilian and military careers and has routinely been entrusted with assets valued at over $200 million and the completion of multi-million-dollar projects. He has identified and solved complex and evolving regulatory and technical issues that led to a six-fold increase in mission capability by defining and implementing new programs and policies. After separating from the military, he gained experience in the startup world as an analyst for Tech Coast Angels and earned his MBA from UCLA, building on credentials that include a BA in economics from Columbia University and an MA in International Relations from American Military University.

Michael Clark is an accomplished database engineer and strategist who brings expertise to the backbone of the product—its enterprise architecture. He also provides programming and developing skills which have already borne results for UAV-IQ as it builds its platforms. Our newest member, Thomas Grandperrin, has joined our team as director of marketing and business development. He has Masters Degrees in management from ESEC Barcelona and Toulouse Business School and is an alum of Start-Up Chile. Based out of Santiago, Chile, he has built a successful track record leading agricultural startups.

The company has been advised by key faculty members and researchers at UC Davis to gain unique access to their industry leading expertise. As a result, UAV-IQ is poised to capitalize on the convergence of two high-growth industries: UAVs and precision agriculture.

Since its founding, the company has graduated from two renowned business accelerator programs and has built cloud infrastructure as well as mobile enterprise software to support the needs of drone-based precision agriculture. UAV-IQ has solidified itself as a leader in an emerging industry, specializing in bridging the gap between drone flight service providers and the agriculture industry. To date, the company has provided data processing services to drone operators and their agriculture clients on four continents, and is a drone flight service provider in Chile, Puerto Rico as well as the US West Coast. Additionally, the company has partnered with an NGO based in the California Bay Area, CALSO, to train US veterans to become commercial UAV operators.

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