Are you a commercial drone operator or a farmer flying your own drone?
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Vous êtes pilote de drones ou un producteur utilisant son propre drone?

UAV-IQ is an early-cycle entrant into the precision agriculture industry whose full service, cost effective solution utilizes data collected from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to provide actionable, high resolution imagery and analysis.

A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, the company traces its roots to the US Air Force where its founder, one of the leaders of the world’s most advanced unmanned aerial systems–the Global Hawk—gained invaluable insight into the capabilities of remote sensing and unmanned aviation. The company was founded in 2015 with the initial goal of utilizing UAVs to provide low-cost, high precision field scouting services and generate detailed crop analyses to improve crop yields for agriculture producers. Largely because it is led by an Air Force veteran pilot highly trained in complex UAV and remote sensing operations, UAV-IQ was one of the first companies authorized by the FAA to conduct commercial drone operations for agriculture under a Part 333 exemption and now operates under the Part 107 regulations.

Since its founding, the company has graduated from two renowned business accelerator programs and has built cloud infrastructure as well as mobile enterprise software to support the needs of drone-based precision agriculture. UAV-IQ has solidified itself as a leader in an emerging industry, specializing in bridging the gap between drone flight service providers and the agriculture industry. To date, the company has provided data processing services to drone operators and their agriculture clients on four continents, and is a drone flight service provider in Chile, Puerto Rico as well as the US West Coast. Additionally, the company has partnered with an NGO based in the California Bay Area, CALSO, to train US veterans to become commercial UAV operators.

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